Release 1.5.8 - 30 June 2024 Release 1.5.8 - 30 June 2024

Release 1.5.8 - 30 June 2024

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Improvements to live learning sessions, due date workflows and Momentum!

Version 1.5.8 will be rolling out on all sites from Sunday 30th, June 2024

Changes ✨

AR-5462 | Adapt the "Due Date Workflow" to allow the trigger to be based on 'latest enrolment'

A new setting is now available for due date workflows. It allows the due date to be triggered based on the latest enrolment instead of the first enrolment. This is useful if learners have previously completed the course and need to retake it and receive a new due date.

AR-5723 | Momentum Node - Enrol user in a course

A new Momentum node is available to simplify enrolling users in a course with Momentums. You can use this to enrol a user in a specific course or let them choose a course using the new course picker.

AR-5724 | Momentum form field - Course Picker

Added a new Momentum form field that is a dropdown list. This dropdown field can display all the courses available in the catalogue or selected courses. The selected courses can then populate a course constant for course enrolments.

AR-5725 | Momentum Constant - Course

A new constant type has been added to store a course for course enrolments. 

AR-5618 | Live Learning Session Type - External

We've added a new session type called "External Session" to support registration processes outside of our platform. With this new feature, you can now provide a link to an external site for registration. Users can join this session via a secret registration link, which is displayed to admins when viewing the session. This feature enables greater flexibility in managing registrations for live learning sessions.

AR-5619 | Live Learning session table is now customisable

The Live Learning is now customisable, allowing you to specify what columns and filters are available to users. Session fields, venue details and custom session fields are customisable for the session table. 2024-06-30 17.15.00.gif

AR-5726 | Form builder performance improvements

We've made performance enhancements to the form builder to support larger amounts of questions in a single form. 

AR-5850 | Show cohort manager name in the cohort settings

We've made it a little easier to see who the cohort managers are for a particular cohort without needing to go through al the options to add or remove cohort managers. 

AR-5945 | Option to register in a session after the session is over

A new session setting has been added to allow users to register after the session is over. You'll find this in the session settings under 'Allow Users to Register after session is over'. 

Various small mobile and screen reader improvements

We've made a few minor changes around the system to improve the experience on mobile and for screen readers. 

Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-5755 | Feedback form email not sent immediately

Fixed an issue causing the feedback form to not always be immediately sent, even when configured to send straight away.

AR-5915 | Quiz Plus - Unable to save the points and comments

Fixed an issue in Quiz Plus that was sometimes causing graders to be unable to save points or comments when grading a user's attempt.

AR-5916 | Quiz Plus - User responses are not always submitting

Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented responses from being submitted when a user finished their attempt. When this occurs, some of a user's answers would be lost.

AR-5991 | Quiz plus - Users unable to see quiz results after manual review

When the "Later, after a manual review" setting was enabled for a quiz, users could not view the results even after the quiz was manually reviewed by the admin. This is now fixed

AR-5921 | 'Visibility Message Whilst in Current Node' editing field crashes (Momentum)

Fixed an issue causing an error when editing the visibility message on a Momentum Node setting. 

AR-6002 | Browse and Update User Refresh

We fixed an issue on the Browse and Update Users page. Sometimes, the page would refresh, removing any filters or user searches when trying to view a user.

AR-6069 | Custom date fields not displaying correctly on certificates

Fixed an issue that was causing custom date fields to be displayed as a number rather than a date format on certificates.

AR-5591 | External learning report is not functioning 

Fixed an issue with the external learning report sometimes failing to generate correctly when the external learning had capabilities.


Version will be rolling out on Tuesday 2nd, July 2024

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-6145 | Page crashes when opening live learning

Fixed an issue where the live learning page crashes if live learning has open sessions.


Version will be rolling out on Thursday 4th, July 2024

Hot Fixes 🛠️

AR-6177 | 'Allow Download' toggle not functioning correctly

Fixed an issue where the user could still download the resource even when the 'Allow Download' toggle was turned off. This issue only occurs when the resource is attached to a program.

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