How to Create a Course How to Create a Course

How to Create a Course

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Create a Course

This article will show Admins and Content Creators how to create a Course shell. Course shells are the framework that contains Activities.


1. Proceed to Admin > Course Management > Create Course.

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2. On the 'Create Course' page, complete the following:

  • Course Name - Enter the name of your Course.
  • Access - If you are an Acorn Admin, you will have the option to define the type of access for the Course. You will not have this option if you are a Tenancy Admin.
    • 'Tenancy Course' means that the Course will only be available to a specific tenancy on the Acorn Site.
    • 'Open' means that the Course will be available to all tenancies on the Acorn Site. 
  • Category - Courses can be assigned to Categories which can allow for users to find the content using the filters provided in the Catalogue.
  • Tag - Courses can also have Tags. This is another filtering option for users when they are accessing content in the Catalogue.
  • Cost- If payment is required to access the Course, you can identify the cost to the users with this field. This is not a payment barrier. You will need to apply a Payment Method to the Course in order to accept payments.
  • Duration - Adding a Duration will indicate to users how long it will take to complete the Course. This can be set in hours, minutes and seconds if required. 
  • Course Description - The editing tool allows you to provide a textual or visual description of the Course. This can be plain text, or HTML and include links, images, media files etc. 
  • Enable Completion Certificate - Enabling this toggle will allow for users to obtain a Completion Certificate once they have completed the Course. This certificate can be downloaded by the user from the Course or Training History page. Custom Completion Certificates can be uploaded to Acorn. Visit the Custom Certificate page for more information.
  • Prevent Unenrolment/Re-enrolment - This option will prevent enrolled users of this course from un-enrolling or re-enrolling themselves. Admins, Facilitators and Supervisors will still be able to unenrol users.
  • Hidden - Enabling the Hidden toggle will hide the Course within the Catalogue. A hidden course is only accessible to users who have been enrolled by an Admin or Facilitator and users who access via a Program or Subcourse.
  • Bypass Hidden Link - Using this secret link, users can enrol themselves in this course even if it's hidden. Re-generating the link will invalidate the old one.
  • Start Date - This is when the Course opens. Users cannot view or enrol into this Course until this date.
  • End Date - This is when the Course closes. Users will not be able to view or enrol into the Course past this date.
  • Prerequisites - Adding a Prerequisite will allow you to select a range of content such as Courses, Live Learnings, Videos, Resources or Programs a user must complete before allowing them to access this Course.
  • Restrict to Cohorts - Courses that are restricted to Cohorts will only be accessible for users in the selected Cohorts.
  • Payments - A payment can be added to the Course. This will force users to pay for the Course before they can enrol. Find out more about payments here.
  • Course Version - This option allows you to replace an old Course with this Course. Replacing a Course will deactivate it and transfer all completions to this Course as archived completions. This cannot be undone.
  • Course Image - Drag and drop, or browse your files to upload an image. Use the slider to select the portion of the image you wish to display. The image will be cropped to an aspect ratio of 16:9.

3. Click Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 3.32.49 pm.png at the bottom of the page.


You have now successfully created a Course shell!


You will now need to fill the course with Activities.


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