Update Live Learning Completions Update Live Learning Completions

Update Live Learning Completions

Daniel Jordan Daniel Jordan

This article will guide Admin's through the process of updating Live Learning completions. To create or update a Live Learning, this feature must first be enabled for your Acorn site. Reach out to the Acorn Support Team if you require this feature to be turned on. To discover how to create a Live Learning please read this article.


1. Navigate to the 'Catalogue' and select the 'View Live Learning' button of the Live Learning that requires to be updated. 




2. Click the Cog.png icon and select 'Live Learning Completions' from the menu.




3. Search for the user you want to update the completions for. Select the box under the 'Live Learning Completion' column. You will be prompted to enter a date and time, as well as a comment. 




You have now successfully updated the Live Learning completion!

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