Configure a Subcourse Activity Configure a Subcourse Activity

Configure a Subcourse Activity

Daniel Jordan Daniel Jordan

A Subcourse is an activity that links an existing Course to another Course. 

This article will guide Admin's through the process of creating and updating Subcourse activities.


1. Add a new activity within a Course or Live Learning. Or update an exiting activity within a Course or Live Learning.


2. Select 'Subcourse' from the Activity Type dropdown menu.


3. Select the Course type, then select your course. You can add a description and icon if required.


4. Adjust your Course Completion Prerequisite and Completion Criteria if necessary.


5. Click Screen_Shot_2022-04-20_at_1.57.25_pm.png or Screen_Shot_2022-04-20_at_2.26.05_pm.png at the bottom of the page.


You have now successfully configured a Subcourse activity!

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