Configure a Feedback Form Activity Configure a Feedback Form Activity

Configure a Feedback Form Activity

Daniel Jordan Daniel Jordan

This article will guide Admin's on how to configure a Feedback Form activity. 

This activity type is useful in allowing a user to provide feedback to administrators and facilitators after completing learning material.


1. Add a new activity within a Course or Live Learning. Or update an existing activity within a Course or Live Learning.


2. Select 'Feedback Form' from the Activity Type dropdown menu.


3. Update the following:

  • Feedback Name - Enter the name of your Feedback Form.
  • Feedback Description - Enter a brief description of the Feedback form.
  • Show Description - Select if you want the description to be visible.


4. Build the feedback form by selecting 'Edit Form'. A new window will appear allowing you to choose a variety of field types. Read more about each of the question types here: Form Field and Question Types

Alternatively, select a Form Template.


5. Each question type contains the following default settings:

  • Label
  • Description
  • Help Text
  • Validation (Mark if this field is required)
  • Dependencies 

6. click "Save" to finish creating the form.


7. Confirm that the activity-related settings are set as you want them:

Screenshot 2023-12-28 at 4.33.44 pm.png

9. Press "CREATE ACTIVITY" button.


For information how to re-order form questions, see this guide.

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  • Ulli Kohn

    How do you delete responses from a feedback form?

    Ulli Kohn