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Below you can find a glossary of all commonly used terms within the system and the community. If you have a recommendation for a term to be added, please submit a request.




API An API (Application Programming Interface) is a method of exporting/importing data into the LMS. 
Cohort A cohort is a grouping of users. Cohorts can have users added to it manually or automatically by using user fields. Features can also be cohort specific such as CPD points.
Content Content refers to a type of learning resource within the system. This can include Courses, Live Learnings, Resources, Videos and more.
Course A Course is a type of Content. It facilitates self-directed training such as SCORMs.
CSV Comma Separated Values is a format of data typically used in data transfers and is also the default export format from the LMS.
Event An Event sits within a Live Learning, correlates to a piece of content being taught and is made up of Sessions. It is important to note that every Session within an Event should be teaching the same content.
HR Feed A HR Feed is an integration with your HRIS or Payroll system to import learner data on an automated basis (typically daily) this data can create/update users and you can also use extra fields for cohort management such as job role, section, etc.
HRIS Human Resources Information System is a software solution that typically manages employee data such as job roles, start dates, etc. These softwares are also comparable to Payroll softwares. Examples include SAP and Aurion.
Live Learning A Live Learning is a type of Content. It facilitates face to face/screen based training. It is what a learner will see in the catalogue.
LMS Learning Management System.
LRS Learning Record Store is the central repository of learner progress data obtained from xAPI modules.
MFA Multi-factor Authentication. System is capable of sending an SMS or email with a code to verify user acces.
Partnered Content Partnered Content is a deep integration with our content partners. This integration enables the system to display content from the content partner inside of the system.
SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol is a secure method to transfer data. This method is typically used for HR feeds but can also be used for sending completion data for example.
Session A Session sits within an Event and is where learners will register to attend face to face/screen training.
SCORM Short for 'Sharable Content Object Reference Model', SCORM is a format of an eLearning module. It is the most commonly used format for Learning Management Systems.
SSO Single Sign On, this enables the ability for users to login without entering a username and password.
Tenancy/Tenancies A Tenancy is a way to segment learners and content within the system. The typical use case is to seperate internals and externals. Only an Acorn Administrator has default access to all tenancies.
WYSIWYG Short for 'What You See Is What You Get', a WYSIWYG is the text editor you see in Pages, Course descriptions and the alike.
xAPI Experience API is a new standard in elearning modules. Similar to SCORM in its look and feel, this format allows you to collect progress and completion data from an array of resources into one central repository called an LRS.

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