1.0.10 - 13/02/2022 1.0.10 - 13/02/2022

1.0.10 - 13/02/2022

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2504 - Feedback Forms are now included the the Activity Bank. This is great for form templates
  • AR-2504 - Feedback forms can now be copied
  • AR-2253 - Added an option to create sessions without notifying users on the register of interest
  • AR-2407 - The Completion Report can now utilises the Report On All feature - Requires Report On All feature
  • AR-2477 - Added a link to access a standalone Calendar page
  • AR-2497 - Added Date restriction filters to the Form Report
  • AR-2545 - Admins can rename the Site-Wide Forum and give it a description - Requires Site Wide Forum feature
  • AR-2573 - Added assignment submission status to the Progress Report
  • AR-2569 - Open Graph links now use the Site logo, image and description
  • AR-2493 - Slides in the Slider Widget Slider can now be re-ordered, and the widget has a customisable slide timer
  • AR-2555 - The User API now includes a polling feature, so that long user uploads can be better tracked

Bug Fixes

  • AR-2535 - Fixed an issue displaying Breadcrumbs with custom names
  • AR-2561 - Fixed an issue where users would skip the session registration form when payment was required
  • AR-2572 - Correctly prevented users from accessing a session that is restricted to a cohort
  • AR-2508 - Users can now clearly see which form fields are required within Feedback Form activities
  • AR-2537 - Notifications of new messages no longer appear after the Messaging feature has been turned off

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