This article will guide Admin's through the process of creating a Resource. Once the Resource is created, it can be viewed in the Catalogue.

Note, the Resource is not linked to Resource Activities that are created within Courses. If you are looking to create a Resource Activity for a course, read the How to Configure a Resource Activity article. 


1. Proceed to Admin > Create Resource.

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2. Enter the following details:

  • Resource Name - Enter the title of your Resource.
  • Access - If you are an Acorn Admin, you will have the option to define the type of access for the Resource. You will not have this option if you are a Tenancy Admin.
    • 'Tenancy Resource' means that the Resource will only be available to a specific tenancy on the Acorn Site.
    • 'Open' means that the Resource will be available to all tenancies on the Acorn Site. 
  • Category - Resources can be assigned to Categories which can allow for users to find the content using the filters provided in the Catalogue.
  • Tag - Resources can also have Tags. This is another filtering option for users when they are accessing content in the Catalogue.
  • Cost - If there is a cost associated with the Resource, you can identify the amount to the users with this field. This is not a payment barrier. 
  • Duration - Adding a Duration will indicate to users how long it will take to complete the Resource. This can be set in hours, minutes and seconds if required. 
  • Resource DescriptionThe editing tool allows you to provide a textual or visual description of the Resource. This can be plain text, or HTML and include links, images, media files etc.
  • Files - Upload the files you intent the users to view. There are multiple accepted formats:
    • PDF
    • Images: JPEG, PNG, GIF
    • Videos: MP4, WebM, Ogg
    • Audio: MP3

Non-accepted file types can still but uploaded, but they cannot be viewed in the browser. The user will need to download the files in order to view.

  • Resource Image - Drag and drop, or browse your files to upload an image. Use the slider to select the portion of the image you wish to display. The image will be cropped to an aspect ratio of 16:9.

3. Click 'Create Resource' at the bottom of the page to save and create the Resource.


You have now successfully created a Resource.

It can be accessed through the 'Resource' tab in the Catalogue.

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