This article will guide Admin's through the process of creating a Program. Programs allow Administrators to group courses together for users to do in a sequential order. They are great for serving as a pathway for users throughout the course of their learning.


1. Proceed to Admin > Select Programs > Click 'Create Program'.

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2. Update the following details:

  • Program Name - Enter the name of the program.
  • Duration - Identify how long the program will take to complete.
  • Program Description - The editing tool allows you to provide a textual or visual description of the Program. This can be plain text, or HTML and include links, images, media files etc. 
  • Program Image - Drag and drop, or browse your files to upload an image. Use the slider to select the portion of the image you wish to display. The image will be cropped to an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Pin to Home Page - Enabling this setting will place a link to the program on the home page. This will allow users faster access. Please note: A maximum two programs can be pinned to the home page.
  • Hidden - Enabling this setting does not allow users to access the program. It is recommended to create a program as hidden and then unhide it once the content has been finalised.
  • Bypass Hidden Link - Using this secret link, users can access this program even if it's hidden. Re-generating the link will invalidate the old one.
  • Prevent Hidden Content Access - Enabling this setting allows for users to access hidden content if it is via a program. 
  • Enforce Stage Order  - Enabling this setting will enforce users to complete a stage before obtaining access to the next. Toggling this option off will allow users to access all stages within the program, regardless of whether they have completed the previous stage or not.
  • Restrict to Cohorts - This setting will only be visible if there has been Cohorts created. It enables administrators to restrict the program to specific groups of users. 


3. Click Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 11.59.36 AM.png

    • You will automatically be returned to the Programs page.


Note: The program does not contain content.

To add content to a program, view this article on How to update a Program.

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