1.0.16 - 08/05/2022 1.0.16 - 08/05/2022

1.0.16 - 08/05/2022

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2721 - Added a new Capability Report, that shows how users are interacting with Capabilities
  • AR-2723 - Added a new Capability Details Report, which shows how Capabilities are being used across the platform
  • AR-2724 - Add a new Column to the User Report, which shows which Cohorts a user is in
  • AR-2766 - Entire Live Learnings can now be restricted to Cohorts

Bug Fixes

  • AR-2746 - Fixed an issue where user name details did not appear on the Self-Registrations page
  • AR-2767 - Fixed an issue whereby images with special characters were being prevented from being used as Live Learning images
  • AR-2768 - Prevented empty Widget Dashboards from showing the introduction text
  • AR-2816 - Removed refunded payments from the calculated totals in the payment report

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