This guide will show you how to view the SCORM logs for a Course.

SCORM logs track a users progress of a SCORM module and can be used to view the amount of attempts a user has undertaken.


1. Navigate to the Course via the Catalogue.




2. Click the Cog.png icon and select 'SCORM Access Logs'.




3. Select a SCORM activity from the dropdown under 'Select SCORM Activity'.


Note: If no SCORM activity is available to select, then there is no SCORM activity in the Course.


4. The SCORM logs for each user will be listed. The attempts column will present the amount of attempts a user has undergone for the SCORM activity.


5. To view a users SCORM logs, click the number in the attempts column. Then click the Screen_Shot_2022-04-08_at_4.34.45_pm.png icon.




6. Click Screen_Shot_2022-05-02_at_1.36.42_pm.png to generate a report for all of the users attempts, an individual user's attempts or for a specific SCORM log.


You have now successfully viewed the SCORM logs for a Course!


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