Create a Tenancy Swap Create a Tenancy Swap

Create a Tenancy Swap

Daniel Jordan Daniel Jordan

This article will guide Admin's through the process of initiating a tenancy swap.

Tenancy swaps allow for individual users to swap between specific tenancies within an Acorn site.

Example - A user is located in Tenancy A, but is required to complete a specific training module in Tenancy B. Enabling a tenancy swap will allow them to change from Tenancy A, into Tenancy B and complete the module. Once complete, the user can return to Tenancy A. 

Please note - A user will only exist or be visible within one tenancy at any time. 


1. Navigate to 'Admin' and then 'Tenancy Management'. Select 'Tenancy Swaps'.




2. Click 'Create Tenancy Swap' in the right hand corner.


3. Click 'Select User' and choose the user who requires a tenancy swap. Click 'Confirm'.


4. Click 'Select Tenancy' and choose the tenancy that the user requires access to.


5. Enable Admin privileges if required.


6. Click 'Create Tenancy Swap' to proceed. 




You will then return to the Tenancy Swap page and the swap you created should now appear in the list.


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  • Darijo Tanfara

    Can you please describe how an end users would use "Tenancy Swap" once the admin has created the Tenancy Swap.

    Darijo Tanfara