How to delete a tenancy How to delete a tenancy

How to delete a tenancy

Daniel Jordan Daniel Jordan

This article will guide Administrators through the process of deleting a tenancy.

If you require assistance managing the tenancies on your Acorn PLMS site, please reach out to the Acorn Support Team at

Please note - To delete a tenancy, all users and content must be removed.

1. Navigate to the Admin menu.

2. Select Tenancy Management.

3. Click Browse and Update Tenancies from the secondary dropdown menu.

2023-12-27 15.28.35.gif

4.  Search for the tenancy you intend to delete, and click the bin.png icon under the Delete Tenancy column. 

5. Click Confirm to delete the tenancy. A new popup will appear to confirm that the tenancy has successfully been deleted.

You have now successfully deleted the tenancy.


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