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Payments Feature

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The Payments feature enables Administrators to add a payment to a Course or Session before the user enrols or registers. There are several payment methods available. The feature also allows a record of all transactions and receipts to be stored and reported on within the LMS.


Please contact support if you are unable to find the Payments feature menu. We will be able to turn the feature on for your site.


The following options can be found under the Payments feature menu in the Admin tab:

  • Browse and create payments: Here you can create your payment templates that will be applied to the content.
  • Manage payment methods: The payment methods are the various vendors that provide the payment type such as Commbank or Stripe.
  • Manage payment refunds: This option allows refunds to be given to users who have requested a refund. It should be noted that refunds will still have to be managed with your payment provider and refunds within the system and only for record keeping purposes.


Note: Admins should be aware that adding a Payment to a piece of content with users already accessing it will require the users to pay for the course in order to enrol again.


The LMS offers the following vendors to facilitate payments:


The following guides will take you through the steps for setting up and adding payments to content:

  1. Manage Payment Methods
  2. Browse and Create Payments
  3. Add Payments to Content
  4. Manage Payment Refunds
  5. Report on Payments

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