What is a Cohort? What is a Cohort?

What is a Cohort?

Cormac O'Dwyer Cormac O'Dwyer

Admins have the ability to create Cohorts which users can be sorted into. Cohorts group users together so that Course sections, programs, reports and other content can be configured to target a subset of users.

Admins can create user field conditions to automatically assign a group of users to Cohorts based on their similarities. Alternatively, the Administrator can manually assign individual users to Cohorts.


Content and features that can be restricted to Cohorts include:


Cohorts can also be:

  • Designate as 'On Leave'
  • Allowed to have 'Alternate Supervisors'
  • Allowed to obtain and track CPD Points
  • Designated as 'Capabilities Assessors'
  • Allow the Cohort to be exempt from Payments
  • Assigned Capabilities


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