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Supervisor Widgets

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This article will provide Admin's an overview of the different types of Supervisor Widgets that can be used on the Supervisor Widget Dashboards. 


Each widget has a different purpose and can be utilised in many ways. Using multiple widgets on the dashboard can provide supervisors fast and easy access to data about the users they are managing.


Below is a list and a brief description of each widget that can be added to the supervisor dashboard.


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_3.43.26_pm.pngContent Link

The Content Link widget provides a direct link to a specific Course, Live Learning or Program. When the Supervisor clicks the content link widget it will navigate them to the selected piece of content. 


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_3.45.22_pm.png  Image Block

The Image Block widget allows you to place an image on the dashboard. This image can be uploaded directly from your files, or selected from the Pexels image library. URL's can also be attached to the image, similar to the content link.


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_3.47.01_pm.pngLink Block

The Link Block widget can be utilised to place URL links on the dashboard. This widget requires a URL to be functional. You can select an Icon from the icon library if necessary. There is also the option for the link to open in a new tab.


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_3.49.29_pm.png  Slider

The Slider widget allows for a slideshow of images, text, and videos on the dashboard. The slide timing can be adjusted by seconds. A 'Read More' function can also be included that can link to a specific URL.


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_3.51.35_pm.png Team Completions 

The Team Completions widget provides a summary of the teams course completions for the current month.


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_3.52.42_pm.png  Team Compliance Report

The Team Compliance Report provides an overview of your teams compliance in a select program. This report can also be filtered by a select cohort.


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_3.54.45_pm.png Team Compliance Status

The Team Compliance Status widget provides the percentage of team members who are compliant in a select program. This can also be filtered by a select cohort. You can also generate a full report by clicking the 'Full Report' button.


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_3.55.50_pm.pngTeam Course View

The Team Course Views widget provides the total number of course views for the current month. 


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_3.58.30_pm.png Team Recent Activity

The Team Recent Activity widget provides an overview of the teams recent activity on Acorn.


Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_4.08.34_pm.pngTeam Training History

The Team Training History widget provides a list of all of the the supervisors team members and their number of completions. 



Screen_Shot_2022-05-17_at_4.08.50_pm.png Text Block

The Text Block widget is a simple text box that displays a title and a text body. The text can also be split into columns if necessary. 

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