1.0.17 - 23/05/2022 1.0.17 - 23/05/2022

1.0.17 - 23/05/2022

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2623 - Updated the reporting dashboard to allow for customisable reporting widgets
  • AR-2804 - Improved the visual appearance of the Slider Widget, and added various new options to allow for more interesting layouts
  • AR-2777 - Users can now be filtered by cohort when assigning Course and Live Learning facilitators
  • AR-2770 - Users can now mark their Capability Development Plans as complete Requires Capability feature
  • AR-2771 - Allow users to choose External Learnings as content to complete during their development plan Requires Capability feature
  • AR-2772 - Allow users to create External Learnings during the creation of their development plan Requires Capability feature
  • AR-2738 - Capability and Capability Set descriptions can now include HTML markup Requires Capability feature
  • AR-2724 - The capabilities assigned to content has been added to the Content Overview Report Requires Capability feature
  • AR-2785 - Added username, email, first name and last name to the user field options for cohorts
  • AR-2809 - Added APS level icons to the icon library
  • AR-2798 - Users in America will now see dates displayed in mm/dd/yyy format

Bug Fixes

  • AR-2792 - Fixed a bug where special characters are not accepted by form field dependencies correctly

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