How to run a report How to run a report

How to run a report

Daniel Jordan Daniel Jordan

This article will guide Administrators through the process of running a new report.

Reporting is available to Administrators and Reporting Officers in the form of a dashboard and a variety of on-screen and exportable reports. Click here to view the different types of reports that are available.

1. Go to Admin.

2. Select Reporting and then Reports from the secondary dropdown menu.

3. From the Reporting dashboard, click the New Report option.

4. Click New Report to create a new report.

2023-12-27 15.44.41.gif

5. Select your report type.

6. Select Next to either choose the content you want to report on, or apply any additional filters or restrictions to your report.

7. Click Next to generate your report.

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Large reports may take some time to generate. These can be viewed in the Past Reports tab once they have processed. 

If you encounter any issues whilst generating reports, please reach out to the Acorn support team at

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