1.0.21 - 26/07/2022 1.0.21 - 26/07/2022

1.0.21 - 26/07/2022

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges
  • AR-2491 - Admins can now re-order entire course sections
  • AR-2860 - User Fields can now be set to have dependencies on other user fields
  • AR-2894 - Users are now guided to complete required user fields
  • AR-2907 - Pages can now be shared between tenancies
  • AR-2891 - Added Update function to shared tenancy admins for Videos and Resources
  • AR-2892 - Added a Return button to the Capability Library
Bug Fixes:
  • AR-2908 - Fixed a bug where Tenancy Admins viewing an empty partnered content tab in the catalogue would encounter an error
  • AR-2927 - Improved the usability of the custom field interface
  • AR-2944 - Improved the warning when course completion criteria are updated
  • AR-2965 - Removed incorrect styling around assignment button
  • AR-2947 - Added an error message when a dependency is left blank in a form
  • AR-2999 - Fixed an issue which caused the payment report to show payment times in the wrong timezone

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