1.0.22 - 06/08/2022 1.0.22 - 06/08/2022

1.0.22 - 06/08/2022

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
  • AR-2902 - Added an option to download archived assignment submissions in Training History and User Report
  • AR-2941 - Users will no longer receive an Expression of Interest Notification when an upcoming session has it's venue or date changed
Bug Fixes:
  • AR-2936 - Fixed a bug when pressing the SELECT ALL button in a filtered list and then changing the filter would not allow you to select all again in the new filtered list. 
  • AR-2946 - Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect validation error when updating content with a cost over $999
  • AR-2953 - Fixed a bug where the Completion Email would not send a link to complete the feedback form if the feedback activity was from the Activity Bank
  • AR-2974 - Fixed a bug where a link URL would sometimes break in the Link Block Widget if the URL contained special characters
  • AR-2978 - Fixed a bug where a having Content Link Widget on a dashboard counted as a content view despite the user not clicking on the content
  • AR-3024 - Fixed the site search function not working when navigating from one page to another page
  • AR-3027 - Fixed feedback auto email on completion email sending for hidden feedback activities

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