What is a Parent Course? What is a Parent Course?

What is a Parent Course?

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges

A parent course is made up of subcourse activities to replicate the functionality found within a Program. For users to get marked as complete for the parent course when there is a completion for a subcourse, users are required to just click on the Parent Course and go into it for the system to recalculate the completions from the subcourse to the main Parent course.


Why use it?

Administrators or content creators will typically use a Parent Course when they are looking to engage with learners on a more granular level that what a Program has to offer. This might include the ability to have enrolments or attach completion certificates.



  • Learners can enrol into a Parent Course
  • Completion Certificates can be generated
  • You can use subcourses and other activity types
  • You can email learners directly
  • More control over completion criteria details


  • Programs look better from a high-level i.e. you see the content images
  • Parent Courses cannot be pinned on the Home bar
  • Limited Macro reporting
    • Most of your reporting will be within a course progress report


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