1.0.23 - 23/08/2022 1.0.23 - 23/08/2022

1.0.23 - 23/08/2022

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
  • AR-3013 - Added new Bypass Hidden Link option for hidden Courses, Live Learnings and Programs. Users will be able to access the content using the link even if it's hidden
  • AR-2899 - Deleted form questions will no longer appear in the Form Report if there are no responses to the question
  • AR-2496 - The course enrolment workflow will now instantly enrol users when their account is created
  • AR-2937 - Added new Manage Tenancy Aliases feature to Self Registrations. Admins can now:
    • Set an alias name for a tenancy (This name is displayed to users when self registering)
    • Set the order of tenancies to be displayed in the Select Tenancy list
  • AR-2935 - When using a select field for a cohort field condition, the list of options is now all options in the select and not just those that have already been assigned to users
  • AR-2950 and AR-2896 - Added Show Time Spent option to the User Report. This shows the amount of time spent learning, tallied up based on the duration of the learning content. Using the Completed Date After and Completed Date Before filters will factor into the time spent in learning
  • AR-2943 - Videos are now supported in the Slider Widget
  • AR-2979 - When a Content Creator copies a course the copied course will have the same permissions for the Content Creator
  • AR-2992 - Added Content Type filter when sharing content to other tenancies
  • AR-2898 - Added toggle to report on all content for the Content Completion report
  • AR-2969 - Fixed Workflow applications linked to deleted content
  • AR-2970 - Users will no longer receive emails for scheduled reports when they have had reporting access removed
  • AR-3001 - Fixed content not appearing in Program compliance checklist widget when the content was refreshed by a workflow
  • AR-3042 - Fixed issue where admins were not able to deselect the role assignment when creating a user

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