1.0.24 - 05/09/2022 1.0.24 - 05/09/2022

1.0.24 - 05/09/2022

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Release will be rolling out to sites from 5th - 8th September 2022

What's New!

AR-3016 - Momentum Updates: We've added a few improvements to the Momentum Builder

  • Added the ability to view the applications sitting at a node within the builder.
    • When viewing the applications there is now the option to manually move one or more applications to different nodes. 
  • Improved transitions within the builder
    • Added ability to click on a transition line and edit the individual transition
    • Added ability to edit transitions when updating a node
  • Added ability to create and manage Constants

AR-2964 - The Catalogue has been rebuilt from the ground up! 

  • Brand new content tiles:
    • Expand for more information when hovering over the content
    • See next session information for Live Learnings
    • View Course and Live Learning pricing (if they have a payment)
    • Bookmark content
  • Ability to preview Courses and Live Learnings
    • Users can view the details of a Course or Live Learning without having to navigate away from the Catalogue or Program
  • New search and filtering options:
    • Filter by Status (Not Yet Started, Started and Completed)
    • Filter by content duration
    • Ability to filter by multiple options of the same filter type at once. For example, you can now filter by several categories at the same time. Whereas previously, you could only filter by one category at a time. 
  • New Video, Resource and Third-party content windows

AR-3003 - Added new Allow Double Booking setting for Venue Management. Having this setting enabled will allow for multiple sessions to occur at the same venue at the same time

AR-2975 - Added an export option to the Email Log page

AR-2948 - Added options to help prevent users from being automatically suspended as a result of a data feed or User Upload API

  • Administrators can now find a "Prevent Automatic Suspension" toggle when updating an individual user. This will stop the automatic suspension from a data feed or user upload API 
  • Added a parameter to prevent the automatic suspension from occurring at all during an upload via user upload API (See User Upload API)



AR-2890 - User fields set as not visible can now only be seen by admins in reporting. Supervisors and Reporting Officers can no longer view fields that aren't set to visible

AR-2929 - Improved loading speed when checking cohort restriction assignments and assigning cohort restrictions

AR-2939 - Multi-select fields can now be uploaded via a data feed or bulk user upload


Bug Fixes

AR-3000 - Fixed Payment Report transactions modal crashing if report results were searched

AR-3092 - Fixed an issue where cohort-restricted Live Learning would still appear in the calendar

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