I can't login I can't login

I can't login

Josh Lavulo-Hodges Josh Lavulo-Hodges

Users can have issues logging in. It is important to note there is a vary of ways a user can experience this problem.


Single Sign On (SSO) vs. Manual Login

The first step is determine whether the issue is caused by Single Sign On or Manual Login.

If the user is trying to use SSO and is having problems, you will need to contact your IT support as the authentication for SSO is something they control.

If the user is having issues with manual login then continue reading below:


No password/incorrect password

Sometimes the user may have the wrong password or simply not have a password set at all (if they are created by SSO or manually with the new account email toggle turned on). Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell if a user has a password set. So if they can't remember setting one or their actual password, reset their password.


Account is locked

After 5 unsuccessful attempts at logging in, an account will be locked for one hour. You can check this by:

1. Go to 'Browse and Update Users' located under User Management in your admin menu.

2. Find the user.

3. Look at their 'Last Access' column, you will see a Screen_Shot_2022-08-30_at_1.29.39_pm.png icon if the account is locked.

4. Click the Screen_Shot_2022-08-30_at_1.29.39_pm.png icon to unlock the account.




Wrong Credentials

We have seen users think they need to enter in the credentials they use to log into their computer to get into the LMS. This is a common mistake but it is important to note: the LMS does not sync credentials from your laptop login details, and thus, won't work.

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