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CPD Points

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What Are CPD Points?

CPD Points (Continuous Professional Development Points) are a learning system for developing and maintaining knowledge for those in a professional field.

For example, as a Lawyer, you are expected to acquire "X" amount of CPD Points per year to document that your knowledge in the field is regularly being developed and retained. NSW Lawyers must complete a minimum of 10 legal CPD units each CPD year (1 April – 31 March). LawCPD.

CPD Creation

If you want to add the CPD point feature to your Tenancy, Please contact support with the details below.

Acorn Support requires the following details from you in order to enable CPD Points for your Tenancy.

Mandatory Details:

  1. Tenancy name- The tenancy that you want these CPD cat
  2. CPD Category- This is the name of the CPD category.
  3. Cohort list Name- Admins should create a Cohort for everyone who needs access to CPD points. This is the name of that Cohort.

Optional Details:

  1. totalRequired: Total amount of points required to fill the progress bar.
  2. categoryRequired: Minimum CPD points required for each category.
  3. startMonth: The month that the CPD year starts.
  4. overflowMonths: This is the grace period. I.e. If the CPD year starts in March you can specify how many months before and after the startMonth the user can have points contribute to their CPD year. In practice, if a user has met the requirements of the CPD year, they can get points that contribute to the next CPD year as long as they gain the points with the overflowMonths period. If a user hasn't met their requirements of their previousCPD year but gain points in the overflowMonths period, the points will be attributed to the previous CPD year.

How Acorn Uses CPD Points

Access to the CPD Points function requires Acorn Admin to toggle the function in your Tenancy. When it is active, you will have access to the 'CPD Points Cohort', have the ability to assign CPD Points to a course, and credit users with CPD Points.

Admin can assign a certain amount of CPD Points to a course if it follows the legal criteria of course content. If you're interested to learn more about CPD Points, please visit CPA Australia, or click here for a direct link.

Please contact support with the above details and we will be able to setup CPD points for your tenancy.


Admins can also assign CPD points to content, this guide shows the process of assigning CPD points to content.

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