1.0.26 - 19/09/2022 1.0.26 - 19/09/2022

1.0.26 - 19/09/2022

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.0.26 will be released Monday 19th September 2022


AR-3097 Added a general error message at the bottom of the register page to help user find required fields

AR-3083 Updated the Session Approval Page to be suited all types of approvers (Supervisors, Live Learning Facilitators, and Session Instructors). Before the approval page was tailored towards only supervisors. 

AR-3069 Account Merges now support merging Momentum Applications 

AR-3041 Added pagination to development plan content picker

AR-2904 Added a Next Activity button for Resource and Video activities


Bug Fixes

AR-2928 Fixed various accessibility issues:

  1. Tenancy Logo now has ALT text
  2. Improved tabbing and help text for elements on the Course and Live Learning pages
  3. Fixed issue where users were not able to tab in and out of HTML editors (e.g. when updating a Page or Course)
  4. Fixed issue where screen readers were not properly reading the bookmark button when bookmarking content

AR-3073 Fixed an issue that was preventing content creator role from working when tenancy swapped

AR-3071 Fixed an issue that that would prevent Expression of Interest email from sending

AR-3029 Fixed an issue that would cause a users Development Plan to break when the content assigned had been deleted


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