New Feature - Payments Across Tenancies New Feature - Payments Across Tenancies

New Feature - Payments Across Tenancies

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Payments Are Changing!

This change affects those who share paid content with other tenancies. Please read the below to see how this affects you and what actions you can take.
This change will be in effect from Tuesday the 18th of October 2022 

Payments Across Tenancies

When you share paid content with another tenant, the users in the shared tenant do not pay for the content. Some of you have found workarounds by duplicating the content across the tenancies and then applying payments to each. It becomes a hassle to maintain your content as you have to remember to make changes in every tenant in which you made the content (not to mention headaches when it comes to reporting!). 

To ease this nightmare, we are introducing the ability to sell content across tenants. Soon you will only have to create the Course or Live Learning once and then share it with your other tenants. Any payments on the Course or Live Learning will automatically come across to the other tenant!


What do I do to enable payment across tenants?

Nothing! Once the update is available, any Courses or Live Learnings that are being shared will immediately get the payments in the shared tenants.

If you have been duplicating content across tenants rather than sharing, then you will not be affected by this change, though you are welcome to start sharing content. Reach out to support if you need help on how to best move to content sharing. 


Can someone else run a Payment report in another tenant and view my payments? 

Only the content owners (e.g., the originating content tenant) can run a Payment Report for that content. You can view the usernames of any user who pays for that content (and what tenant they are from).


But I want users in the shared tenant to have the content for free!

Well, in that case, you could take two different actions to still give users content for free.  

1. Using Cohorts and Payment Whitelist

The first up is using Cohorts and Payment Whitelisting. This you can do now, and we recommend doing so before Payments Across Tenancies goes live.

Payment Whitelisting is a feature available to Cohorts. Users who belong to a cohort with Payment Whitelist enabled will be able to access all content for free (content from their tenant and shared with their tenant).

  1. If the Payment Whitelist feature is not turned on for your site, our support team can turn this on for you (reach out if you are unsure).
  2. Once it is enabled for your site, an Acorn Admin can enable the feature for specific tenants. Under Tenancy Management  > Browse and Update Tenancies, find the tenant you want to turn the feature on and click on the features Pencil.
  3. Turn on the Payment Whitelist feature for the tenant. (Remember to click Update Features at the bottom of the feature list to save) mceclip0.png
  4. Now, when you edit a Cohort under User Management > Manage Cohorts and add the Payment Whitelist feature for a particular Cohortmceclip1.png

2. Using Discounts

Using Shared Discounts, you are able to setup a discount and restrict it to a selected Tenant. From there you can select the content and cohorts for that tenant should you require further restrictions.


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