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Our Discounts feature gives you another commerce tool under your belt. Premium members get 20% off your content, or want to make a 24-hour flash sale? Discounts have you covered.

Below are examples of types of discounts. Supported discounts can be configured in the Discounts Feature within the LMS.






Standard Discount

This could be a percentage or a set amount. Such as $10 off content or 20% off selected content.



Group Targeted Discount

Using the same discount style as Standard Discount, the discount is only available for certain users (i.e., specific cohorts).


1. Student Discount

2. Member's Discount






Seasonal or time-based Discounts

Using the same discount style as Standard Discount but is for a limited period.


1. Summer sale on content

2. Limited-time offers for selected content



Limited Use Discount

It uses the same discount style as Standard Discount but has a cap on the times the discount can be used. After the cap has been reached, the discount will no longer be valid.


1. The first 20 people receive an early bird special on a piece of content

2. $400 off any individual piece of content in a selected range for the first 100 purchases




Package or bundle Discounts

Purchasing the items individually yields no discount but making a course package or bundling multiple pieces of content together to get a discounted price.


1. Purchase a bundle of content for a 20% discount compared when buying items individually




Quantity Discounts

Get a discount after making one or more purchases or continually spending money.


1. Buy one get one free

2. Every 10th course is free

3. $50 discount for every $500 spent



Referral/affiliate bonus

Rewarding users with a discount on their next purchase when they refer other users to buy content.


1. Refer a friend and get $20 off your next course

2. Refer five friends and get 100% off your next course

3. Get a discount when friends sign up using an affiliate link


How are my users eligible to receive a discount?

Users will be allowed to use the code 

  • If there are Cohort Restrictions on the discount, the users have to be in the Cohort
  • The users must be able to access the content that the discount is restricted to
  • For Shared Discounts, the users have to be in the tenant that the discount is restricted to

How will my users know about the code?

We leave the communication of the discount code to you. Send a marketing promotion, or communicate the discount code to key stakeholders if you're using discounts for B2B purposes. 


Tenant Discounts vs Shared Discounts

Discounts have been categorised into buckets to accommodate additional permissions and access.

Tenancy Discounts:

A Tenancy Discount can only discount the content that the tenant owns. Likewise, only users who are from that tenant will be able to benefit from the discount. If you share the content with another tenant, users in the other tenant will not be able to use this discount (You will have to use a Shared Discount).

Both Tenant Admins and Acorn Admins can create and manage Tenancy Discounts.

Shared Discounts:

Shared Discounts can be given to multiple tenancies and discount content across tenancies. A Shared Discount can discount content for a tenant even if that tenant does not own the content (e.g., content shared with that tenancy).

Only Acorn Admins can create and manage Shared Discounts.

A Tenant Admin cannot manage Shared Discounts, but they can:

  • View the details of the discount (discount amount, expiry dates etc.)
  • View the content that the discount is available for. This will only show the available content to their tenant (either that tenant owns the content or the content is shared with that tenant).

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