1.0.28 - 18/10/2022 1.0.28 - 18/10/2022

1.0.28 - 18/10/2022

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.0.28 released Tuesday 18th, October 2022
The original schedule was Monday 17th 

New Features!

AR-3049 Discounts

New discounts feature for those who sell content. 

  • Discounts for specific Cohorts
  • Create a percentage or a set amount discount (e.g., 50% off or $130 discount)
  • Set how many times a discount can be used
  • Pre-schedule your discounts with start and end dates
  • Run a Payment Report to see who's using your discounts

Article coming soon for more details!

AR-3049: Payments Across Tenancies

Do you want to sell content across multiple tenancies? Well, now you can! If you share paid content, users in other tenants will also have to pay for the content (previously, it would be free for them)

Check out our article on Payments Across Tenancies for more details and how this affects you.



AR-3007: Catalogue - New Hidden and Deactivated Filters

Finding hidden or deactivated content in the catalogue is a pain, especially for large catalogues. To make it easier for admins to find the content, we changed the filters for Hidden and Deactivated. You can now turn off Visible content to only see Hidden or Deactivated content.





AR-3106: Added SFIA 8 Capability Template

SFIA 8 is now an available template in our Capability Library. SFIA 7 is still available.

You can find more details about SFIA 8 here.

AR-3114: Added Bulk Upload instruction text

To aid admins with Bulk User Uploads, we've added some help text. You can now see advice on the following:

  • What columns must be included for an upload
  • How to assign supervisors/managers
  • How to suspend users
  • Details on optional columns

AR-3105: Changed Profile Critters

We have removed the critter characters from the user profile and replaced them with people! The accent colour of the new icons will use the Light Colour in your Tenancy Settings.

AR-3063: Added visibility to Cohort Restrictions on the External Calendar API

A couple of filtering options have been added to the External Calendar API:

  • Added option to view if a session is cohort restricted and list what cohorts they are
  • Added option to exclude sessions that are cohort restricted

You can find more details about the External Calendar API

AR-3010: Update styling of re-order arrows

The re-order buttons have had their look and feel updated to be consistent across the system. You can see this in such areas as: 

  • Re-ordering events on a Course
  • Re-ordering events on a Live Learning
  • Re-ordering the slides on the default dashboard slide widget. 


Bug Fixes

AR-3113: Catalogue Accessibility

Another round of accessibility fixes for the Catalogue:

  • Filters below content type as the soft shadow effect is subtle when navigating using the tab key
  • Fixed content tiles losing the enlarge effect when a mouse isn't used

AR-3095: Prevent Live Learning Integration Tokens from Getting out of Sync

MS Teams and GoToWebinar Live Learning integrations would sometimes start failing and cause issues when trying to set up sessions using those integrations. This was caused by tokens expiring on the integrations, so we have added an automatic refresh to the tokens to prevent them from expiring.

AR-3128: Development Plan Report - Overall Progress

We have updated the look and feel of the overall progress of your development plan to be more consistent with the progress of individual capabilities.

AR-3124: Update Pages Error

Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a Page not to update after changes were saved.

AR-3112: Pagination Added to Momentum Reporting

Extensive Momentum Reports would sometimes take a while to load, so we added pagination to Momentum Reporting so we don't load results all at once. 

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