Hidden vs Deactivated Courses Hidden vs Deactivated Courses

Hidden vs Deactivated Courses

Stefan Maletic Stefan Maletic

This article will outline the differences between Hidden Courses and Deactivated Courses.


Hidden Course

Hiding a course is a setting that you can find upon creation of the course, or when updating the course.

You may want to use this feature when:

  • Creating a course that is not intended to be publicly viewed yet.
  • Hiding a course from Users and Cohorts.
  • Enabling only enrolled Users to view course.

Deactivated Course

Deactivating a course is similar to hiding a course, however when deactivating a course it will only be accessible by Admins. To deactivate a course, it must exist in the first place.

This feature is typically used for:

  • Permanent removal of course from all users.
  • When the course is made redundant or no longer applicable.

Deactivating shared content will only deactivate the content within your tenancy.

When a course is deactivated, all existing completions remain in the system regardless. All User enrolled but not completed will have their enrolment revoked.


Differences Between the Two

The differences between the two is that hiding a course means you can still share the course with certain users, therefore the course is active and can be completed.

Deactivating a course means you wish to remove all users from the course, enabling only admin to access it. This implies that the course cannot be used or completed. All existing completions will remain active even when the course is deactivated


You should now know the differences between Hiding a course and Deactivating a course. Good luck!

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