Users Not Showing in Reports? Users Not Showing in Reports?

Users Not Showing in Reports?

Stefan Maletic Stefan Maletic

If you've clicked on this article, you're probably wondering why certain users don't generate in the reports you create. Luckily, we have a few methods to diagnose this problem. See below for further details.


1. Tenancy Swap

A potential reason for this could be that the user you are trying to capture in the report is in the wrong tenancy. This is a more noticeable issue and is likely to be picked up sooner. However, if you find that you do need to swap a users tenancy, please follow the guide linked here.

2. On Leave Cohort

A less noticeable and easily mistaken reason could be that the user is placed in the 'On Leave' Cohort. This Cohort must be enabled by Acorn Admin to be available on your tenancy, however if it is already enabled, please check the Cohort labelled 'On Leave' and remove the user from it. More information on Cohorts can be found here.

3. User Filters

Another reason why users may not be showing up in your reports is that they don't match the User Filters on the report. Try reviewing your User Filters and see how you go from there!


If you are still having troubles with this problem, please contact Acorn Support. We will try our best to diagnose and fix the issue.



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