Tenancy vs. Shared Discounts Tenancy vs. Shared Discounts

Tenancy vs. Shared Discounts

Stefan Maletic Stefan Maletic

When creating a discount, you'll notice that there are two distinct types.

This article will further elaborate on each type so you can select the appropriate discount!

Tenancy Discounts

Tenancy Discounts are exactly as the name implies, they are discounts allocated specifically to your tenancy. This means that other tenancies on the platform can not use the same discount from your tenancy.

This feature is handy when you only want your employees to have access to these benefits.

Shared Discounts

Shared Discounts are almost the opposite of Tenancy Discounts. They apply to multiple tenancies on the Acorn LMS. However, these are only the tenancies that the user/ admin selects and wishes to share the discount with.


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