Discount Types Discount Types

Discount Types

Stefan Maletic Stefan Maletic

When creating a discount, you will have the option to choose from 'Set Amount' and 'Percentage Based'. This Article will explain what each do and how to use them.


Set Amount

Set Amount means that the value you put in will be subtracted from the full price of the course. For example, if you are trying to discount $5 from a $20 course, you would enter '5' in the 'Discount Amount' section. This method is a lot more straight forward and easy to use!

Percentage Based

Percentage based is exactly as the name implies. This type of discount takes the value you input and subtracts that as a percentage from the full price.

For example, if your course is $30, and you would like it to be $15 (half price), you would simply type '50' in the 'Discount Amount' section.


Now you know what the discount types are. So get out there and start creating discounts!

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