Changing The Colour Scheme of your Tenancy Changing The Colour Scheme of your Tenancy

Changing The Colour Scheme of your Tenancy

Stefan Maletic Stefan Maletic

This Article will help Admin customise their Tenancy colours to better match their branding in the LMS. 

This option is available when creating your tenancy, or if you decide to do so later, you may do it at any time afterwards.

To change the colour way of your Tenancy, please follow the instructions outlined here:

1. From your Tenancy Homepage, navigate to 'Admin > Tenancy Management > Update Tenancy'.


2. From this page, scroll down a little, you will find the headings 'Primary Colour, Secondary Colour, Light Colour, and Dark Colour'. If you click on the colour boxes, a colour palette will appear. Here, you can select any colour on the spectrum and adjust its shade to your liking.

Primary Colour 

Primary Colour is as the name suggests, it is the colour you will see most often and is the colour of the banner at the top of the page.

Secondary Colour 

Secondary Colour is the complementary or contrasting colour you would like to appear on certain pages, such as 'My Learning and Catalogue'.

Light Colour

Light Colour is the accents that appear when you hover over tabs such as 'Home, Catalogue, and Admin'. They will appear as a thin blue line as the default setting.

Dark Colour

Dark Colour is the colour that appears on the banner at the bottom of the page, this is the large banner that contains 'Change Password, Request Account Merge, Support, and Privacy Policy'.

Example 1.


Example 2.


3. Once you have set the colours of your Tenancy, Click the 'Update Tenancy' button.


You now have a customised colour scheme for your Tenancy!




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