1.0.30 - 13/11/2022 1.0.30 - 13/11/2022

1.0.30 - 13/11/2022

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.0.30 will be available from Sunday 13th, November 2022


AR-2659: International Venues

We have added more support for venues outside of Australia. 

  • Country/State support has been added for New Zealand, Canada and the United States.
  • A global timezone selector has been added. This timezone selector aids Administrators and Facilitators when creating a session. You can ensure the session start and end times are local to the venue.


AR-3020: Allow Users with Tenancy Swap Access to be Assigned as Reporting Officers in other Tenants

You can now have Reporting Officers who are users from other tenants! A user has to be swapped into the tenant where you want them to be assigned as a reporting officer.

AR-3209: Allow users with tenancy swap to be added to the scheduled reports list

Adding onto tenancy swap access and reporting, if you have tenancy swap access, you can now be assigned to scheduled reports in other tenants.

AR-3211: Allow users with tenancy swap to be added as instructors

People who have tenancy swap access can now be assigned as instructors to other tenants. To assign someone as an instructor from another tenancy, they must swap into the tenant first.

Extended functionality to bypass hidden links. You can now generate a bypass hidden link for Open and Shared Content.

AR-3129: Manage Custom Fields access for Tenancy Admins

Tenancy admins can now manage any custom fields that belong to their tenant. The Manage Custom Fields interface allows you to manage your custom fields in the following areas. 

  1. User Fields
  2. Content Fields
  3. Session Fields

You can find this from the Admin menu under Tenancy Management > Manage Custom Fields.


AR-3152: Help Text for Custom Fields

Custom fields can now have helper text. When updating your custom fields, you can add helper text to help users with information about the field. In places where that information is inputted, the help will appear in the form of an (i) popup. This includes:

  • Self Registration page

  • My Profile update information.

  • Create/Update Course

  • Create/Update Live Learning

  • Create/Update Session


AR-3155: External Catalogue API - removed show only hidden and show only deactivated 

We have removed the Query String Parameters to show only hidden and show only deactivated content. The showHidden and showDeactivated parameters are still available.


Find out more on the External Catalogue API.

AR-3137: Resources and Videos to Content Overview Report

Resources and Videos can now be reported on from the Content Overview Report.

AR-3170: Improve Discount Help Text

We improved the help text around discounts when creating and updating discounts. 


Bug Fixes

AR-3119: Prevent New User Fields Being Created by Account Registration

Fixed an issue where it was possible to create new user fields when a user was self-registering for their account. This would occur when a User Field has been renamed or deactivated by an Admin during a users registration process.

AR-3151: Marking more than 20 users attended always logs it as triggered by Automatic Process

Previously, if an Admin or Facilitator marked the attendance of 20 or more users at once, the Session Log would attribute the action to another user (the user responsible for Automatic processes). The Session Log will now correctly attribute the correct user who marked the attendance.

AR-3247: Fixed an issue where programs with cohort restrictions would not load for some users

This bug was introduced by AR-3121 in the previous patch.


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