1.0.31 - 27/11/2022 1.0.31 - 27/11/2022

1.0.31 - 27/11/2022

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.0.31 will be available from Sunday 27th, November 2022

We've got a bit of a minor update this time around. 

What's Changed

AR-3023: Allow scheduled reports to run for swapped users

Users with tenancy swap access can now create schedules/be given access to schedule reports in other tenants.

AR-3227: Capability Development Plan page height

The Capability Development Plane page now has less white space towards the bottom. 


Bug Fixes

AR-2182: Form Fields - Quotations and Commas in CSV Export

If a form field uses a double quote and a comma in its question, the CSV export treats it as two fields and displays it incorrectly. It will now correctly export as one field.

AR-3202: Tabbing Through Programs and Resources

Improved accessibility of Programs and Resources. Before, when attempting to tab through a Program or Resource, it would skip over titles of content/resource items. Tabbing will now correctly highlight titles.

AR-3210: Content Title Cuts off in Catalogue Preview

This one is related to this feature request! Full Course Title to Show in Preview Modal 

When previewing content, the title would cut off early. This previously used the same cut-off method as the title on the content tile, but we have changed the cut-off limit in the content preview. 





AR-3317: Fixed an issue that prevented some Face to Screen sessions from being copied

AR-3312: Fixed an issue that prevented content appearing when creating a content link widget

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