1.1.0 - 11/12/2022 1.1.0 - 11/12/2022

1.1.0 - 11/12/2022

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.1.0 will be available from Sunday 11th, December 2022

Release Notes - 1.1.0

This is our last release of the year, so we hope you have a great Christmas 🎄 and New Year! đŸĒŠ

The release has a facelift to reporting, extra functionality to pages, and many bug fixes. Here's what we have:

What's New! 🎊

AR-3102: Reporting UI Overhaul

All of our reporting interfaces have undergone a UI overhaul. Along with the overhaul, we've built a new report charting tool for the reports. 

The report charting tool allows you to:

  • Swap between Graph Types on the fly
  • Pivot your data by different fields
  • Select different data measurements and have them re-plotted instantly
  • Download the chart as an image


Find out more about the Reporting UI Overhaul!


Changes ✨

AR-3122: ID Fields for Reports

The unique identifier fields for certain objects can now be reported on. You can expand the Custom Fields section to toggle on the ID fields when running a report.


Bellow is the available ID fields for the listed reports:

  • Content Completion Report
    • Content Id
    • User Id
  • User Report
    • User Id
  • Course Progress Report 
    • Content Id
    • User Id
  • Live Learning Attendance Report
    • Content Id
    • User Id
    • Event Id
    • Session Id
  • Payment Report
    • Content Id
    • User Id
    • Event Id
    • Session Id
  • Content Overview Report
    • Content Id
  • Expression of Interest Report
    • Content Id
    • User Id
    • Event Id

AR-2367: Pages in Programs and Subcourses

Programs and Subcourses now support Pages as content.

AR-3130: Added Pages to the External Catalogue

Pages can now be retrieved from the External Catalogue API.

AR-3214: Remove EOI notifications when a user withdraws from a Live Learning session

Users found it frustrating when they received a notification that a spot was available on a session only to discover that it had already been taken.

Because of this, we disabled the Expression of Interest (EOI) notification sent to all users on the EOI list whenever a spot freed up on the session. 

AR-3307: Maintenance Mode

Added a Maintenance Mode for sites for when sites are undergoing technical maintenance. This will prevent users and admins from being able to access the site until maintenance has been completed.

Anyone attempting to access the site during maintenance will instead see a display message with a reason why the site is in maintenance. 

AR-3168: Add help text to the "Manage Payment Refunds" page

Added additional help text to the Manage Payment Refunds page to help administrators. This was to clarify that our refund payment function does not return monetary funds to the customer's bank account. It simply marks the record in the LMS that it was refunded.

You will have to go through your payment gateway provider if you want to return monetary funds to the customer.


Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3062: Update standalone video/resource issue when replacing a file with the same name

When replacing a file in a Video or Resource, you would encounter issues when trying to upload a new file with the same name as the pre-existing file. Now when trying to replace the file, it will replace it properly. 

AR-3162: Improve Content Preview Load Speed

Reports from some users have shown that the content preview took an extra long time to load. We've done some performance tuning to the content preview, which now loads faster. 

AR-3165: 2 CPD cohorts - each for different CPD categories - in the same Tenancy

We fixed a bug where you could not have two separate cohorts with different CPD Categories.

AR-3219: Add SCORM Log page to Live Learnings

The SCORM Log page was missing when the SCORM activity was for Live Learnings. The SCORM log is now available for Live Learning SCORM activities.

AR-3229: Cohort Restricted Program Stages - Restricted text is stuck

Admins would receive issues viewing cohorts when some stages of the program were cohort restricted. This has now been fixed.

When viewing Live Learning events in the calendar, the link would not correctly navigate the user to the event. The calendar link now links directly to the event.

The Payment Policy link looked like regular text rather than a hyperlink. It now displays as a hyperlink.

AR-3263: Bulk completion interface is incorrectly titled User Upload

The title for the bulk completions was "User Upload", and this is, in fact, not the user uploads. đŸ¤Ŗ

AR-3277: Supervisor Actions dropdown Issue

Sometimes the Supervisor Actions dropdown menu would be populated with no actions! This has been fixed, and the actions will be available to the supervisors.

AR-3285: Capability Assessment Report

Updated the capability assessment report to include both assigned and interested capabilities

AR-3331: Venue Face-to-Screen Bug Fix

We fixed a bug preventing sessions from duplicating when the session venue was face-to-screen. 

AR-3374: Go1 Image Style Bug Fix

When viewing Go1 content in the catalogue, some Go1 courses would have broken styling. This has now been fixed.


Hotfixes 🛠

AR-3459: Compliance Report Chart Inaccurate

The compliance report chart displayed compliant statuses as non-compliance. The compliance report chart will now correctly display compliance.

AR-3448: CSV Bulk Completion Upload Help Text and Template

Updated some of the wording of the Bulk Completion Upload help text around the date formatting and changed the date format in the example template.

AR-3431: User Fields Randomly Shuffle

Fixed an issue where sometimes, when updating the User Fields under the Manage Custom Fields, the order of the user fields would be shuffled around.





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