How to Suspend and Un-suspend a User How to Suspend and Un-suspend a User

How to Suspend and Un-suspend a User

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Suspending & Un-suspending Users

This article will show Admin how to suspend and un-suspend a user via the 'Browse and Update Users' Page. 

For both suspending and un-suspending users:

Proceed to Admin > User Management > Browse and Update Users.

2023-08-23 15.43.58.gif

Suspending a user 

  • Suspending a user will suspend their access to the system, and keep the users data in the system for reporting purposes. Deleting a user is non reversible.

From the 'browse and update users' page. Scroll down and across to the right where you'll find theScreenshot 2023-08-23 at 3.54.21 PM.png, select the lock and confirm the suspension.

2023-08-23 15.51.35.gif

You have successfully suspended a user!


Un-Suspending a User

  1. From the 'browse and update users' page, find Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 4.38.03 PM.png and click the toggle. 
  2. Find the user you wish to un-suspend, scroll to the right, and click the Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 3.54.21 PM.png

2023-08-23 16.42.57.gif


You have successfully unsuspended a user!

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