1.1.2 - 22/01/2023 1.1.2 - 22/01/2023

1.1.2 - 22/01/2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.1.2 will be available from Sunday 22nd, January 2023

Release - 1.1.2

In this release, we have more time zones for international venues, an option to upload a white logo, Momentum Fixes and more!

Changes ✨

AR-3314: More International Venue Time Zones

Based on feedback, we have added more time zones for your venues. You can now have time zones in Africa, Asia, India and even Antarctica! 🥶

Added a tenancy setting for uploading a white/light logo. This logo is to contrast against pages that have a darker background. Currently, no area in the LMS uses a dark background.



Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3259: Visual Bug when Creating External Learning with Capabilities

Fixed a bug when creating external learnings with the Capability field.

AR-3366: Updated the CPD Point Label to Reflect Custom CPD Categories

The CPD tracker in the Stats Widget would always display the CPD category as "Legal". Now the tracker will show custom CPD Categories.

AR-3382: Momentum - Help Text Icon/Text not Displaying for Forms

Users could not see the Help Text or the Help Text Icon when filling out a Momentum Form. The Help Text now correctly displays.


AR-3383: Momentum - Transition does not save correctly when making a transition

Only some details when creating a transition between two nodes would be saved upon initial creation. Now when making transitions between two nodes, all the details will be saved.

AR-3392: Momentum - Additional Admins Cannot Move Users

Previously only the primary admin could move users to different nodes in the Momentum. If Additional Admins tried to move a user, nothing would happen. Now any Admin of a Momentum can move users to other nodes.

AR-3406: Assigning course completion certificates

Fixed an issue that prevented courses from being assigned certificates when a course was deleted.

AR-3411: Onboarding feature turn on error

If you previously enabled the onboarding feature, you could not re-enable it. You can now have Onboarding again!

AR-3414: Dashboard Name Length Change

Improved the width of the dashboard bar to show your dashboard's full name better. You should now have 2-3 dashboards before the cut-off starts.




Loading a dashboard with a Content Widget for a now-deleted course would cause the page to refresh repeatedly. Broken content widgets will no longer cause page refreshes.

AR-3424: Video Resource File Caching

When uploading a video over a pre-existing either as a Video or video in a Resource with the same file name as the previous file, users would still view the old video. Now, uploading videos of the same file name will cause the cache to be cleared, and the new video will be displayed.

AR-3447: Duplicated Courses display duplicate Custom Content Fields

We fixed an issue where sometimes duplicating a course would cause duplicate Custom Content Fields.

AR-3467: Schedules Reports Not Working for All Tenancy Reports

Previously Scheduled Reports that were run against All Tenancies would not run. Added support to run a Scheduled Report for All Tenancy reports.

AR-3469: The '&' Symbol Displays as '&amp'

We fixed a display issue where some areas in the LMS would display text that contained an ampersand symbol as '&amp' instead.

AR-3475: Html Audio Tags Being Converted to <a> Tags in Pages

When trying to add audio to a Page would display as a hyperlink instead. Adding Audio tags to a Page will now correctly display the audio.

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