1.1.3 - 05/02/2023 1.1.3 - 05/02/2023

1.1.3 - 05/02/2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.1.3 will be available from Sunday 5th, February 2023

Release - 1.1.3


Changes ✨

AR-3461: Select Report - Added next button to tile

When running a new report, we received feedback that when selecting a report, it was not clear that you had to scroll down to progress to the next step. A next button is now on each report to quickly run those reports. 


AR-3221: Improve Payment/Discount field naming consistency in Receipts

There were field naming discrepancies between the receipt the user received in their confirmation email and viewing the receipt in the system (e.g., one said Amount Paid and the other said Total Price). The email receipt and the in-system receipt are now identical.

AR-3375: Videos and Resources in Subcourses

Subcourse activities can now have videos and resources.

AR-3454: Facilitators and Content Creators to be able to add payments

Previously, facilitators and content creators could not manage payments on the content. This meant whenever they made a session or course; it would be free unless an Admin added a payment. Now the facilitators and content creators can manage the payments on their content. 


Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-1607: Generic table search/sort is removed when table data is dynamic

Sometimes, simultaneously searching within a table and sorting would become inconsistent when removing either the search or the sort. The sorting/searching will now have a more improved user experience.

AR-3161: Users unable to update user fields in the swapped tenancy

Users or admins with the ability to swap tenancies could not update their user fields when they swapped to another tenancy. Users can now update their fields when they swap to another tenancy.

AR-3326: Subcourse completions won't show until another refresh

When completing subcourses, the completion would not appear on the parent course until you refreshed the page. Now the completion will appear automatically without the need to refresh!

AR-3332: Live Learning Attendance Report - Custom fields

If your tenant had no custom fields, an error would occur when toggling on custom fields when on the live learning attendance report. The report will no longer error when turning on custom fields.

AR-3333: Live Learning Attendance Report - Missing Venues Country field

The Country field for the Venue has been added to the Live Learning attendance report.

AR-3422: Custom fields with many options perform poorly

Improved the performance of custom fields that had a large number of options.

AR-3460: Content Completion Report graph error

Fixed an issue that would sometime cause the Content Completion Report's graph to crash and display an error.

AR-3498: Export Calendar date range misses sessions

We fixed an issue in the user's Calendar that would cause the export calendar to sometimes miss sessions when adding in date range filters.

AR-3498: Appearance of badges in Overview

In the user's profile, badges would not appear on the Overview page until you visited the Achievements page. The badges will now appear in the Overview page.

AR-3501: User Upload API - Suspended Field

The suspended field in the User Upload API was not properly detecting some of the valid options when there were quotes around the values.

AR-3468: Security improvements for Reporting Officers in Compliance report and Compliance Area report



Hotfixes 🛠

AR-3496: Cog for large reports not displayed

When viewing a report, the cog to Download as CSV, Save Preset, Download Preset and Bookmark was not available for large reports. The cog will always be visible no matter the report size. 

AR-3639: Unable to upload activity bank activities into Live Learnings and Courses

Fixed an issue when trying to import activities from the activity bank onto a Live Learning or Course. Activities will now correctly import. If you still have issues with activities from the activity bank, try removing it from the course/live learning and re-importing it.

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