How to Search the Course Catalogue How to Search the Course Catalogue

How to Search the Course Catalogue

Sam McEwan Sam McEwan

In this article we are going to explore the catalogue and it's search function.


1. Select the "Catalogue" option in the top right hand corner of the home screen. The Catalogue will automatically populate courses that you can access.  




2. Search and Filters You can narrow the results of the Catalogue search down to help you find a group of courses or a specific course, by using the Search/Discover function (if you know the name of the the specific course) or by using filters.


Content type, Lets you filter the catalogue by Content using the "ALL", "Courses", "Live Learning" and "Programs" buttons. 




You can also use the four buttons in the "Filter by Content type" to change the results in the catalogue below. This allows you to quickly select one content type you want to filter the catalogue with. 




Status Filter the status filter lets you filter the catalogue by "Not yet started", "Started" and "Completed"



Duration The Duration lets you search the catalogue by how long a course approximately takes to complete.




If you want to start a new search you can press the "Clear filters" button to reset the search bar Filters back to "ALL"




The "ALL FILTERS" Button will show you all the previous option but on one page instead of inside individual drop down menus. It can be a handy way show you what filters are currently selected.




If a course isn't showing that you feel should be available reach out to your local Admin to check permissions/enrolments. 





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