1.2.1 - 05/03/2023 1.2.1 - 05/03/2023

1.2.1 - 05/03/2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.2.1 will be available from Sunday 5th, March 2023

Greetings all! This latest release boasts numerous enhancements to Momentum, enhancements to the interface of past reports to improve user experience, and the inclusion of several requested features. Additionally, we have addressed various bugs so let's check it out! 

Release - 1.2.1

Momentum Updates! 

For our customers who are using Momentum, we have made some great enhancements but I won't clutter this already long post with those changes. You can view the changes on our Momentum Updates 1.2.1 post. 


Changes ✨

AR-2446: Improve Stripe payment method creation process

We've improved the process of setting up Stripe. Administrators will be directed to the Stripe Connect Setup when setting up stripe. 

AR-3480: Added option to disable video downloads

Check out the community post here: Toggle in videos to prevent download of the video file

Videos now have the option to disable downloads. This setting will stop users from being able to download the video.

AR-3327: Toggle to include incomplete course enrolments on the content completion report

Added a Show Not Completed checkbox to the content completion report. When this setting is checked, the report will include incomplete course enrolments. 


AR-3393: Cohort User Field Conditions - Not Contains

A highlight from the community! We've added an additional User Field Condition to cohorts; "Not Contains". This will allow you to filter out select users where they do not contain your field value.


AR-3445: View As Cohorts interface on Programs

We've improved the View As Cohorts filter on programs to make it easier for administrators to view the program as all cohorts, their cohorts and selected cohorts. Previously you could only view as selected cohorts.




AR-3554: Past Report - Opening Past Report should allow a new tab

We added the ability for past reports to be opened in a new browser tab making it a breeze to navigate through multiple reports without getting bogged down! 


AR-3555: Past Report - Naming

Another Feature Request coming through! Custom Report Names

Need help finding the right report in your Past Reports? You'll never lose your report because you can now name them whatever your heart desires! 2023-02-24_16.13.41.gif

AR-3556: Past Report - Way to view the Meta

The Past Reports updates have not been finished yet because we got another suggestion from the community (see Label reports with more information). We have added a drop-down to the past reports to show more detail about the report. 


AR-3568: Make Program Stepper Clickable!

This is a highlight from the community: Program stage navigation

Program Stages are now clickable! No need to spam that next button to get to the right stage; you can click it!  2023-02-24_16.52.32.gif

AR-3616: Add Link to the session approval page

Administrators can now view all the approvals for a session. Also, added messaging for administrators to let them know they are overriding someone else's approval.

AR-3633: Catalogue - Default Content Type options

Check out the community post here: Functionality of 'Programs' content type in Catalogue. 

We've made that if a user does not have access to any content of a particular type, they will not see the filter for that type. 

Program and Course filters would always be shown even if the user could not access any programs and courses. This led to users trying to filter by those content types and getting no results returned. As a result, if the user has no access to any Program or Course, the filter will not appear for them. 


Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-919: Instructors/Facilitators users in the supervisor enrolment interface

Fixed an issue if an Instructor or Facilitator was also a supervisor; they would see all users on the supervisor enrolment page. The supervisor enrolment page will now correctly list the users they supervise. 

AR-3365: Help-text font in the Development Plan

Fixed some of the help-text fonts in the development plan.

AR-3379: Quiz questions in the copied quiz are still linked to the original quiz

Fixed an issue when copying quizzes. The questions would still link to the original quiz. This meant updating the question in the copied quiz would also alter the original. 

AR-3384: Momentum - Attempting to edit a transition, the dropdown first closes

Fixed an issue causing the dropdown when editing a momentum transition to collapse when you tried to expand it.

AR-3420: Improve performance of the Browse and Update Users Export

We've improved the performance of exporting the list of users on the Browse and Update Users page. We have removed custom user fields from being exported on that page to improve the performance. If you still need to export custom user fields, you can use the User Report to export that information. 

AR-3426: New Sections are being created in the middle

Fixed an issue causing newly added sections on a course to be placed in the middle of the course rather than the bottom.

AR-3452: Force re-fetch of permissions on reload of route permission

Fixed an issue where sometimes, if you were permitted to view a page, you would still receive a Forbidden message. 

AR-3575: Supervisor Dashboard - Widget Title Updates

Updated the wording of the Supervisor Dashboard widgets to be more consistent around the term 'Team' versus 'My Teams'.

AR-3576: report data representation in charts using colours is not userfriendly/confusing

Sometimes when running multiple compliance reports, the initial colours for each status in the chart would swap randomly. When running a report, we've improved the initial colour assignment on the different statuses. 

AR-3589: Refund request has disappeared

Fixed an issue that would cause a refund request to disappear if the session had since been deleted.

AR-3636: No supervisor button on Mobile

Added the Supervisor button when accessing the LMS on mobile devices. 

AR-3642: Course Logs not displaying

Fixed an issue causing Course Logs not to be displayed when swapping between the User Logs and Course Logs tabs.


Hotfixes 🛠

AR-3508: Enabling Site-Wide Forum for tenancy results in an error

Fixed an issue that was causing errors when enabling a Site-Wide Forum for a tenancy

AR-3681: User Report - Pivot Disappears

The pivots in the user report were causing a bit of confusion and as a result, we've removed the pivot toggle in the User Report.

AR-3710: CPD Points Widget and My Learning stats no loading

Fixed an issue that was causing the CPD Points widget and the My Learning page from loading when the CPD feature was enabled. Now when the CPD feature is enabled, the widget and My Learning page will correctly load. 

AR-3757: CPD Points section not loading and CPD export missing points

Fixed an issue that was causing the CPD points section the the My Learning page from loading and the CPD export missing CPD Points. The section now correctly loads and the export contains the CPD points. 

AR-3766: My Learning glitches and sends back to the homepage

Fixed an issue where some end users tried to go to the My Learning tab they would be redirected to the Homepage. 

AR-3775: Bulk User Upload error

Fixed an issue that would cause the Bulk User Upload to give an error. 

AR-3789: Transaction API unhandled exception

Fixed an issue that was causing the Transaction API to give an error. 

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