Momentum Updates 1.2.1 Momentum Updates 1.2.1

Momentum Updates 1.2.1

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Momentum has had some significant updates for our 1.2.1 release, so I've made a separate post highlighting the changes here. You can view the rest of the 1.2.1 release here.

Changes to Momentum ✨

AR-3103: Momentum - Reporting Overhaul

Not only have we made some performance enhancements to the momentum reporting page, but we've also given it a facelift with our new reporting charts! The Momentum reporting allows you to filter by Node Type, Application Constants and Application Statuses. 


AR-3248: Momentum - Image support for the description field of a Momentum

Added support to insert images into the Description of the Momentum. mceclip1.png

AR-3264: Momentum - Split stage parts from attempts

We've been looking at how Momentums have been used and have found that it could be more apparent when multiple forms are assigned to a stage (especially when supervisors or other users are required to fill out a form at that stage). Finding which form is which becomes quite challenging, as it was all nested under a single attempt selector. 

To fix this, we've separated each form on a stage into their own sections on the page. Each form can still have attempts, which you will see for each form. Also, to aid with navigation, there is a navigation panel to get to each form quickly!


AR-3265: Momentum - Change Assignee

Momentum Administrators can now change the assignee of an application. You also have the option to send the new assignee an email to let them know they are assigned. Pretty handy when it was accidentally assigned to the wrong person! 


AR-3266: Momentum - Cohort Restrictions

Momentums can now be restricted to cohorts! When a Momentum is restricted to a cohort, only those users can create new applications in that Momentum. Users who made an application but are no longer in the selected cohorts can still view and edit their existing applications.

You can find the Cohort restrictions from the Momentum settings in the builder. 


AR-3270: Momentum - Image Upload for Momentum thumbnail

Reach out to the support team no more to change your Momentum Thumbnail because we've added support to upload images! The Momentum thumbnail also supports images from the Pexels Image Library. mceclip2.png

AR-3271: Momentum - Application Description field

Added an Application Description field for applications. This text gets displayed on a user's application while filling out the form. Previously this used to be the same as the Blurb, but now it has its unique field. 

You can edit the Application Description field from the Momentum settings in the builder. 


AR-3273: Momentum - Ability to use Constants as labels in email templates

Email templates now have Constants that can be filled into the template! The Add Fields dropdown now contains a Constants section where you can add the Constant fields. 


AR-3274: Momentum - Help text for users when creating an application

We've added support for help text when users are making an application. You can use this text to help users with what they should name their application. 

You can edit the Application Instruction from the Momentum settings in the builder. 


AR-3293: Momentum - Close, Lock and Deactivate

We've added access controls to your Momentums! This will allow you to Close, Lock or Deactivate your Momentum.

Closed — When the Momentum is closed, new applications cannot be created, but existing applications can be finished. Great for if you want to stop users from making further applications.

Locked — Applies Closed. Users can view their existing applications but cannot make changes to their applications. Use this setting when you want users to view their existing applications but want no more edits or new applications being made. 

Deactivated — Applies Closed and Locked. Users can no longer access this Momentum or any of their applications for this Momentum. This setting will completely remove all access to the Momentum, and users will not be able to access their existing applications. 



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