1.2.3 - 19 April 2023 1.2.3 - 19 April 2023

1.2.3 - 19 April 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis

Release Update!

We're still busy fine-tuning the upcoming 1.2.3 Release and require a little bit more time than the original projected April 2nd release date.

The 1.2.3 Release will be available alongside the 1.2.4 Release. Stay tuned for more updates! 🚀

Release 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 will be rolling out across sites from Sunday 16th to Wednesday 19thApril 2023


Release - 1.2.3

Changes ✨

AR-3246: Momentum Admin Menu Item

The Admin menu now includes Momentum, eliminating the need for Administrators to recall the URL or create a widget.

AR-3497: Temporary Manager field in User Upload

We have removed the Temporary Manager field from the Bulk User Upload example CSV and Excel files.

AR-3640: Support for AICC

We're happy to announce that you can now take advantage of external AICC URLs as a Type in SCORM Activities! This means that if you have a remote package that is a zipped SCORM or AICC package, you can now use External AICC URLs as a Type in your SCORM Activities by specifying the Package URL.

AR-3559: Ability to mark attendance before the session starts

Attendance for sessions can now be recorded up to 2 hours before their scheduled start time.

AR-3561 Capability Assessment - History Report

A new Capability Assessment report has been added. You can now report on the growth of users' capabilities!


AR-3651: Capability Assessment - Request Assessment - Supervisor Digest

Added a Supervisor Digest email to notify supervisors if they have any pending Capability Assessment reviews. This email will be sent weekly to supervisors only if they have a pending review for them to assess.

You can find this in the Email Templates under Capability Emails → Supervisor Digest.

AR-3730: Capability Assessment - Accessibility Review

Improved the Capability Assessment process to work better with keyboard controls. 

AR-3742: Capability Assessment - Random Question Order

Added support for Capability Assessments questions to be displayed in a random order to the user.

AR-3688: New Report Loader

Running a report will now display a new loader when the report is generating. 


AR-3744: Live Learning Session Email Template to show instructor email, not username

The Live Learning Session email template will now list the instructor's email rather than their username. 

AR-3763: Report Selector

Enhanced the report selection page when running a new report. The whole report tile is clickable rather than just the button on the corner.






Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3191: LiL completion not showing in Training History

Resolved a problem where the completion of LinkedIn Learning courses was not being displayed in the user's Training History.

AR-3520: Remove catalogue filter links from breadcrumbs

Previously, when using the breadcrumb links in a Course, Live Learning, or Program, the catalogue would always filter to the corresponding content type. However, this feature has been updated and now users will be directed to the catalogue without any filters applied.

AR-3722: Reporting Officers and Supervisors will now have access to the Payment Report

Reporting Officers and Supervisors can now get access to the Payment report.

  • Supervisors can view payments made by their team members for any piece of content.
  • Reporting Officers can view payments with respect to their content and user cohort permissions. 

AR-3753: Catalogue Collection ID not refreshing when clearing filters

Fixed an issue when trying to clear filters not all the filters would be cleared if you accessed the catalogue via a Resource.

AR-3777: Undefined on Upcoming for Live Learnings under My Learning

Fixed an issue that was causing the duration time on a Live Learning to be displayed as "undefined".  

AR-3792: Required Policy Document with Stripe

The required Policy Document for Stripe integrations has been made optional

AR-3800: Incorrect timezone in MS Teams calendar attachment description. 

Fixed an issue that was causing the description of the calendar invite to display the session timezone in UTC +0 rather than the timezone local to the session. This was only occurring for MS Teams integrated sessions.

AR-3808: Registration form has to be filled out twice for approval workflow sessions

Fixed an issue that was causing registration forms to be required to be filled out twice if the session had an approval workflow.

AR-3809: View Actioned Merges - Tenancy Admin

Fixed an issue that was causing the View Actioned Account Merges toggle to not be available for Tenancy Admins.  

AR-3815: Discounts 'Show only active' toggle error

Fixed an issue that was causing the Discounts page to refresh when trying to toggle 'Show only active'

AR-3816: Limited options listed for select fields

Select and Multi-select fields wouldn't display many options before needing to search. Now up to 100 options will be displayed before requiring a search.

AR-3850: The Login page does not redirect properly

Fixed an issue that was causing the user to not be directed to the correct page after logging in.

AR-3856: Momentum thumbnail not loading in momentum settings

Fixed an issue that was causing the thumbnail preview to not be displayed in the Momentum Settings

General Security Fixes

Series of various security enhancements. 

AR-3780, AR-3782, AR-3783, AR-3784, AR-3790 

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