1.2.5 - 30 April 2023 1.2.5 - 30 April 2023

1.2.5 - 30 April 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.2.5 will be available from Sunday 30th, April 2023


Release - 1.2.5


Changes ✨

AR-3585: Momentum - Retry Application Transition

Occasionally applications would get stuck on an email node, and there was no way for the application to move to its next step. To try and ease this pain, we've added fallbacks so that when an application is transitioning and fails for whatever reason, it will retry to transition.

AR-3652: Capability Assessment - Proficiency Level 0

When people were conducting a Capability Assessment, they were forced to have some proficiency in the Capability even if they did not. So we've added support for a proficiency level 0 option, allowing users to express that they do not have the Capability.

AR-3686: Workflows - Extra Warning on Courses

An idea from the community! See Workflow changes with preview validation

Workflows on courses now have the option to calculate an estimate of how many recipients would receive a notification.

This estimates the number of users who will receive an email notification from this workflow the next time it is processed. Workflows are scheduled to process twice per day.

Figuring out how many people will get a notification might take some time, especially if a lot of people are involved.


AR-3687: Improved Search in the Catalogue

An idea from the community! See Allow search terms to have missing words and still return results 

Catalogue searching has now improved! The improved search enables users to find relevant content more effectively, even if they search for keywords for partial keywords or words in a different order than the content title.

For example, With a course name "Business Analysis Masterclass", a user can enter a search with the following criteria:

  • "Analysis Masterclass Business"
  • "master bus"
  • "ness class lysis"

AR-3795: Tenancy setting to prevent users from editing their first and last names

We've added a tenancy setting that allows administrators to prevent users from editing their first and last names.

AR-3844: User Details to the Account Merge Requested Email

We've added more details to the Account Merge Requested Email to display who the user is that is requesting the account merge. This email is sent to the Support Contact of the tenancy.

AR-3887: Add SCORM revision number when updated to prevent caching of the old version

This was an idea from the Community! See Caching Issue SCORM Packages 

When you upload a SCORM module with the same file name as a previous module, some users are experiencing issues because their system would still cache the old version of the module. This means they would continue to access the outdated module instead of the new one.

To prevent this, we've added a SCORM revision number to SCORM uploads to prevent users from accessing an outdated module.

AR-3915: Bulk User Upload adjustments

We've made some minor tweaks to the Bulk User Upload to help prevent mistakes when uploading users.

  • Pop up after clicking upload that says which tenancy you’re uploading into

    • This should let Administrators know which tenancy they are loading the users into. 
  • Added a tenancy option to disable Bulk User Uploads for a tenancy if there is a Data Feed for the tenancy
    • The goal is to prevent accidental uploads into a tenant and causing supervisor hierarchies to break.


Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-2160: Better handling of Live Learning integration errors when updating a session

We have improved the error handling system for our Live Learning integrations with Adobe Connect, GoTo Webinar, and Microsoft Teams. This means that if there is a synchronisation issue with any of these integrations, the system can handle it better.

AR-3618: Reporting - Date Filters validation

Added an error message for report date filters to let you know if your starting date filter occurs after the finishing date filter. 

AR-3647: Series of Accessibility Fixes

A few accessibility fixes around screen readers that were not pronouncing some aspects of the page. 

  • Fixed an issue where screen readers were not pronouncing details within tooltips
  • Fixed an issue where screen readers were not pronouncing radio button labels.
  • Fixed an issue where screen readers were not pronouncing star rating labels. 

AR-3798: Prevent Duplicate Completions

Courses set up with subcourse activities sometimes cause users to receive two completions, and duplicate records would be reflected in reporting. We now prevent this duplicate record from occurring. 

AR-3824: Discrepancy between the training history record and the ‘My Stats’ widget on the home page

We resolved a problem where the completion count displayed on the My Stats widget did not match the count shown in the user's training history. This inconsistency was due to the widget's failure to consider archived completions, which it should have done.

AR-3880: Tooltip error when pivot by user field and user field category is Empty

Fixed an issue causing tooltips in a reporting chart to give an error when the user field category was Empty. 

AR-3912: Course Progress Report Duplicates

Fixed an issue causing the Course Progress Reports to display multiple records for an individual if the user had numerous assignment submissions. 

AR-3913: Account Merge doesn't transfer External Learnings

Fixed an issue causing External Learnings to not transfer on Account Merge.

AR-3914: Turning on the CPD feature error

Fixed an issue causing CPD errors when trying to turn on the feature if CPD was not set up correctly before being turned on. 

AR-3922: Export-only reports won't allow you to include custom fields

Fixed an issue that was causing Export-only reports not to be able to export additional fields. We've added support for Export-only reports to include additional fields.

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