How to use Developer APIs How to use Developer APIs

How to use Developer APIs

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You can easily find our API documentation on our Developer APIs. This documentation provides all the information you need to get started with our REST API, including details on endpoint URLs, request and response formats, and authentication methods. Our API also supports webhooks if you're interested in real-time data updates and event notifications. To start using our API, you must obtain an API key, which is necessary to access the resources you are authorised to use. If your API key expires, you can refresh it using a refresh token to maintain your access. To help you integrate and develop with our API, our developer portal offers sample code snippets and other resources. So check out our developer portal to start building with our API today!

How to Get Started

  1. Raise a request to our customer team for an API key with the following details
    • The site you require the API key for.
    • (Optional) — Provide your Webhook URL endpoint. *Required for Webhooks. 
  2. Our customer team will provide you with:
    • API Key
    • Refresh Token
  3. Explore our Developer APIs.
  4. Start developing!


API Key Details

The API Key and Refresh Token should be stored securely once received. Each API Key is only valid for 24 hours. The most recent Refresh Token can request a new API Key and Refresh Token anytime. Requesting a new API Key and Refresh Token will cause the previous API Key and Refresh Token to become invalid.

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