1.3.0 - 28 May 2023 1.3.0 - 28 May 2023

1.3.0 - 28 May 2023

Theo Lionis Theo Lionis
Version 1.3.0 will be available from Sunday 28th, May 2023

Release Notes - 1.3.0

What's New! 🎊

AR-3572: Integrations Hub

We are excited to share the news about our Integrations Hub launch! It's a one-stop-shop marketplace where you can explore and manage new app integrations.

  • You can browse through various App Integrations and set up the configurations (some may require you to contact us for assistance).
  • As a bonus, we have gathered all our current app integrations in one place so that you can easily locate your existing app integrations.

AR-4047: Partnered Content Provider: Mindtools

We've got a new Third-Party Content Provider integration available for you in this release (found in the Integrations Hub). Mindtools is a leading professional development content provider. Their practical resources and insights enhance skills in leadership, communication, and more. Integrated with Acorn LMS, they offer engaging content for individuals and customisable learning programs for organisations. 


Changes ✨

AR-3718: Capability Assessment - Group Calculation

We've added support for grouping questions for proficiency level calculation. This allows you to group questions and calculate proficiency levels for specific sections of the assessment before doing an overall calculation for the assessment as a whole.

AR-3811: Edit scheduled emails for Courses and Live Learning

Have you ever tried to modify your scheduled emails for Courses and Live Learnings, only to discover that you could only delete them? Well, you're not alone in this frustration. However, the good news is you can now edit scheduled emails. And don't worry, editing a scheduled email will be unscheduled while you are making any changes to prevent it from being sent out halfway through any last-minute updates!


AR-3812: Check Instructor Availabilities

Want help with avoiding double booking an instructor? Well, now you can create or update a session; you can check their availabilities with just one click of a button and see if there are any conflicts with other sessions. 


AR-3917: POST and PUT support for User Accounts API 

We've added POST and PUT endpoints for the User Accounts API 

  • The POST request allows you to create an individual user account
  • The PUT request allows you to update an existing account. 

Learn more about our Developer APIs

AR-3921: Course Facilitator Catalogue Filter

We've made things easier for Facilitators by adding a handy filter to the catalogue. This means Facilitators can quickly find and manage their content without any hassle.

AR-3934: Momentum - Time Transition

Added a new Time transition type for Momentums. This will allow momentums to transition based on the time that has passed since a specified date. Available dates are as follows: 

  • Application Start Date — For example, Transition after 14 days since the user created the application. 
  • Node Entree Date — For example, Transition after 3 months since it awaits manager approval.
  • Application Owner Created Date — For example, Transition after 30 days since the employee was created. 
  • Constant Date — Transition after a defined constant date 

AR-3960: Disable the Enforce SCORM 1.2 Standards setting by default

We've decided to disable the setting that enforces strict SCORM 1.2 standards as we found that strict settings are becoming more of a hindrance and causing frequent issues with SCORM 1.2 packages.

AR-3979: Add a Filter to Register Users into Sessions, with EOI status

Added a filter when registering users onto a session; you can now filter by users who have expressed interest in the session. 

AR-4010: CPD Report - Optimisation

The CPD Report has been improved with some fantastic performance enhancements. You'll be thrilled to know that it now loads faster than before!

AR-4026: Supervisor's Username in Reporting

When running a report, the supervisor filter was often filtered by username, but the column in the report listed the supervisor's email. We've made it more consistent by making them both usernames.  

AR-4091: Removal of assignment failed grade label

Removed the status label from assignments for users as it was confusing, stating "Failed: submit for grading." 

AR-4111: Auto-enrolment into Subcourses

Notice: We'll have to hold off on releasing AR-4111 for a little longer. Auto-enrolments into subcourses needs a little more polish, so you should see it go live as part of our 1.3.1 release.

Added an option for Subcourse activities for automatic enrolment. Turning this setting on will mean that when a user enrols into the parent course, they will automatically be enrolled into the Subcourse (if they weren't already). This will give the exact start date for a parent and subcourse. 


Bug Fixes 🐞

AR-3965: Feedback form Activity Description text isn't updating.

Fixed an issue that was causing the Feedback Form description to not be updated when the Activity Description was updated.

AR-4016: Activity Description cut off in Live Learnings

Fixed an issue that was causing long activity descriptions to be cut off in Live Learnings, and users would not have a way to read the full text.

AR-4050: Report Chart - Date Field Pivot

The pivot options display incorrect text when pivoting by date fields in certain reports. This has now been resolved.

AR-4085: Report Chart Missing Dots

We fixed an issue where sometimes a line chart would not load in all hoverable points along the line.

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