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This article will teach Momentum Workflow Admins what each available Momenum nodes are, and what they do!


Firstly, what is a Momentum Node?

You can think of a Node as a step in the workflow. Essentially, each node represents an action within the workflow.

This ranges from Emails being sent, Forms to be filled, a waiting period, and the end of an Application!


Form Node



The Form Node is a step in the workflow which requires the Admin to create a form for the Assignee of that Node to fill.

The Form Node is not the Form itself, however, it will hold the Form within.

These Forms are extremely customisable to suit exactly what information you need the Assignee to provide.

View this article to gain a better understanding of what a Form is!: Configure a Feedback Form Activity


Email Node



The Email Node will be used to inform selected users within the application that a form has been filled out or to notify the Assignee of any other relevant information regarding the Application. (via email)

Wait Node

The Wait Node is an awesome function within Momentums that allows you to have a 'waiting period' within a stage of the Application.
The Wait Node will essentially 'Hold' applications in the Node until it is prompted to allow the applications through.
Options you will have to choose from when formatting a waiting period are as follows:
  • Crons (This will allow you to schedule intervals of when the Application will be allowed to push through. E.g. 'On the second day of each month', or 'Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every two Weeks'.
  • Application Start Date - 'X amount of days/ weeks/ months from the application start date is when the application will be allowed through the Wait Node'.
  • Node Entered Date - 'X amount of days/ weeks/ months from when the application entered the Wait Node is when the Application will be allowed through'.
  • Application Owner Creation Date - 'X amount of days/ weeks/ months from when the Application Owner user account was created is when the application will be allowed through the Wait Node.
  • Constant Date - Used in conjunction with the 'Date Select' Field within a Form. This will allow you to set 'X amount of days/ weeks/ months from the date selected within a Form'


Terminal Node



The Terminal Node indicates the end of the Workflow/ Application.

When an application reaches Terminal, this can be because the application was rejected at any stage, or it can simply mean the success of an application is complete, reaching its last actionable stage.

Each Terminal Node can be configured to represent the stage at which the application reached its end.


This article should have cleared any confusion or curiosity regarding Momentum Nodes and will equip you with a basic understanding of reading/ viewing your very own Momentum Workflows!

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