Momentum Transitions Momentum Transitions

Momentum Transitions

Stefan Maletic Stefan Maletic

This Article will provide Workflow Admin with an overview of Transitions within Momentum Workflows.

Knowledge of Momentums Nodes is recommended in conjunction with knowing Momentum Transitions.


What is a Transition?




A Momentums Transition is essentially a bridge between Nodes in a Workflow. They act as a pathway for the Application to follow. Applications can follow certain Transitions based on their responses in prior Forms. This is configured with Constants and Nodes.

They can be seen in the image above as arrows going from one Node to another.


Transition Types


A base Transition is the Default Transition, there is no extra configuring and it will simply lead the application through to the next Node.


The Time Transition will be used in conjunction with the 'Time' Constant. The Time Transition will be configured to trigger 'X' Days/ Weeks/ Months from 'X' Criteria.

The primary use case of a Time Transition is with 'Wait Nodes'. To hold an application for a specified amount of time.


A Cron Transition will be configured to trigger based on a Cron Schedule. The format of a Cron is:


The Primary use case of a Cron Transition is if there is an Annual/ Quarterly/ Fortnightly review in place.


An Equals Transition is a Transition that the Application will follow based on the user's response in a previous form.

E.g. If a user responds 'X' to a specific Form Field and not 'Y', then the Application will follow this Transition.

The primary use of an Equals Transition is if a Manager denies an Application for the Application to end at an earlier stage.


Transitions in a Momentums Workflow can be configured in many different ways to accommodate to your use case of having a Momentum Workflow.


If you require further assistance with configuration, please do not hesitate to contact the Acorn Support Desk!



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