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Momentum Settings

Stefan Maletic Stefan Maletic

While editing a Mometnums Workflow, in the Builder you will notice a tab labelled 'Momentum Settings'.

This tab will open a popup tile that will allow Workflow Admins to edit various aspects of the workflow.
below, I have detailed what parts of this popup refer to which part of a Momentum.


Momentum Title + Blurb


The Momentum Title will be the name you give the Workflow, this will display on most pages within the Workflow and will be primarily visible on the front tile page.

The Blurb will be a short description you give the Momentum to let users know what the Momentum is about. It should be short and concise enough to fit in the front tile.


Initial Node

The Initial Node will be the starting point of the Workflow. Here you will be able to select which node you would like all applications to start at.

Note: The Node must already exist in the workflow to be able to select.




The Momentum Description should describe in a longer format what the Workflow is for, and in some cases can be used to instruct any new Applicants on what steps to take.

It will be visible when any user clicks on the Momentum from the front tile page.


Application Description


The Application Description will be a default description of any application that comes through on that specific workflow.

It can only be seen when viewing a specific application and is located under the Momentum Title (Studies Assistance)


Application Instruction


The Application Instruction will be a text field, in which Workflow Admin can Instruct new applicants to name their application under a certain format.

This will only be visible in the popup that displays when starting a new application.

Here, it is seen as: 

"Name your application as follows:

Your name - Course - Year you plan to study

For example, Theo — Business Analysis Master Class — 2023"


You should now have a good understanding of what you should be typing in all of these boxes!

There are all editable at any time by Workflow Admin so do not stress if you need to make amendments, they can be changed as required.


Please feel free to contact Acorn Support at any time during this process if needed!

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  • Darijo Tanfara

    Can't seem to find any information on how to share or give access to a Momentum Form to end users. Additionally, is there a way they can view existing form outside of using the widget?

    Darijo Tanfara